Getting Low

by Spit

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Camila Chaud
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Camila Chaud I fucking love this silliest of shit. John is the real deal. Favorite track: Getting Low.
Nicholas Pisanelli
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Nicholas Pisanelli johnny romano makes them real deal tunes. 10/10 would buy again Favorite track: Different Ways.
Arash Diba
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Arash Diba It's so hard to pick a favorite song! This doesn't sound like anything else. I love spit's lyrics. Highly recommend. Favorite track: Different Ways.
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released September 16, 2014



all rights reserved


Spit New York

record release shows below!

6/15 at Sunnyvale (brooklyn) w/ Dead Soft, BEARS, and Phyllis Ophelia

6/16 at Safety Meeting (philly) w/ Big Ups, NYXY NYX, and YCIB
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Track Name: Taking Care of Yrself
building a tolerance to rat poison
so you can make sure you're safe
you never know, just in case

to be frank i can tell paranoia fits you well
under the care of yourself
we all care about your health we don't think you need help

your face is like a bruised fruit
you're bleeding from your gums
and now you're definitely mute
cause your tongue is numb

i don't want to make
judgements on your mistakes
i don't care what you do
even if it kills you
Track Name: Lost Clock
so now that i have your attention i will start
with a simple word on who got whose part

you're still the same female lead we love
and this awesome dude really brings the stuff

and as for me
i'll take a seat
and watch the play unfold
and i'll do as i'm told

as we near the end the drama will conclude
all the good guys win and the good guy wins you too

and as sure as i still keep breathing at night
you'll be wondering of what is keeping me alive

the dreams they are strangers striking matches in the dark
and in this dream i hang on to the hands of our lost clock
Track Name: Square Negative One
estimated time of arrival reasonable chance of survival
standing in the empty terminal loneliness is portable
even though
it weighs a ton
in fictional pounds

saw a man holding a sign didn't realize the name was mine
he held it in the air upside down when i went to leave i turned around

cause i know you don't want the fuss of needing me or listening to anything i say

i'm locked inside a time machine, inside a place i have been
up the stairs to the door you're on the bed i'm on the floor
i climb on top next to you i touch your legs and fall through
we're both inside, but we're still two that was a time, and now it's through

you were the one with whom i could believe in the phrase me and you
i'm back to square negative one, and thinking in terms of the long run
Track Name: Head
i can't help either you or myself
what i do is no good
i know you wish that it could

i can't control
what i desire to know
if i could just open up a book
well i wouldn't have to look

i wanna bury my head
that's exactly what i said
but ill still keep on walking
walking with no head on

and people will stare
but just see if i care
well i wont
cause i cant
let alone
Track Name: Getting Low
you came back to us
an unexpected trip
you knew what you did
and i smelled new life on your breath

what makes a mistake?
i don't wanna know
see how easy they come
you leave before they go

now i dream your
face in my head
i'll see you when
i go to bed

you know past tense so much better than the rest
you taught the moon how to shine on what remains of us
i can't begin to know if this will end
so i'll leave it up to you to tell me what to do
Track Name: Getting Low Again
i am just dying to know
what gets high and low
words will paralyze
to the tune of lies

show me that magic trick
the one that ends so quick
disappearing act
we just want you back

the price we pay to sleep
all your faith and the leaps
Track Name: On the Ball
i don't wanna speak to no one not even the wall, there is none
i guess i just want to feel numb i'm on the ball

look at how the blood fills up every little girl's stomach
i will have an urge to throw up you are appalled

i don't answer phone calls from your parents
cause i don't feel like feeling like a pet

everybody needs what they lack but it'll never come so relax
i'm rotting in a ditch like plaque i'm never wrong i'm on the ball

you are appalled
Track Name: Choo Choo Train of Death
to come to a conclusion

the choo choo train of death is pullin in on my left
it's a local bound express it won't come back

i dream so that i won't think to try

took a window seat overlooks the street
you're not looking at me it's like we'll never meet

well i don't think that i should care what you're doing these days
does the song remain the same or can it change

you're the source of all my pain i'm just kidding about that
i'm just here havin a laugh and makin it hurt real bad

you could have a million suns you're just out havin fun
you know it shouldn't be that hard to make him come

and i will stay inside my room and i will dance with the moon
i got everything to do the whole world loves me too

until it blows me up
Track Name: Different Ways
recently i have known
different ways of being alone
it's not my fault if i can't cope
turn me off with the remote

loser sees what loser does
back in time it never was
there's nothing left i wanna prove
i shouldn't wait i shouldn't move

remind me of the words you said
i take on drink to forget
i just want to feel less
anesthetized so i can rest

all my friends they feel so fucked
count me in, the life's been sucked
right from out beneath your feet
one last thing i won't repeat