Ego in Drag

by Spit

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peter stanton
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peter stanton Great Band Great Record!!!!
Arash Diba
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Arash Diba I love this album. It's self-aware, it's pop, its grunge, it's tongue-in-cheek yet also emotional and intense. Basically every song is a banger Favorite track: Already Lit.
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recorded, engineered and mixed by Dan and James at the Sex Dungeon
mastered by James Krivchenia
album art by Dan Angel

for mbp


released June 11, 2017



all rights reserved


Spit New York

record release shows below!

6/15 at Sunnyvale (brooklyn) w/ Dead Soft, BEARS, and Phyllis Ophelia

6/16 at Safety Meeting (philly) w/ Big Ups, NYXY NYX, and YCIB
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Track Name: Floating Lasso
you're the ghost of smiles, keeper of meanwhiles
and your footsteps miles along the way

i don't have it any more than, kansas city has a shore
all i have is what is just in case, inside a place
of which there's just a trace
i can't oblige what's trapped inside
to see the light alone

whirling up above your head
there's a floating lasso made of lead

coronate the ones you want instead
stars are dead in your bed
the cycle ends
Track Name: Ego in Drag
zip up my back
seems you have a certain knack
hand made for one
one size fits all

it's a rabbit's foot
around your neck
and it wants to know what's next

talking about the fear of having doubts
i wanna float inside the black balloon
countdown begins
having been a has been

it's a comet's tail
around your wrist
as a home-made tourniquet

having done what you asked me to do
the story's long but it's a-bridged for you
it starts with me stepping off of the train
through a magnifying glass, burning rain
Track Name: Already Lit
the more you're pulling the tighter the rope
the loss of feeling is a worn out trope
but that's what happens when blood can't flow

i know it's something you can't admit
but the person singing is full of shit
why use fire when i'm already lit?

i'll go and fetch my things
there's nothing i can bring
back from the dead
maybe in my head

i'm running backwards and out of luck
i'm taking the long way as a shortcut
the reason i'm calling's to get hung up

the octopus needs ink
to write down what she thinks
but the person she wants to read it
sure as shit can't see it
Track Name: Harelip of Dusk
deafening calm
broken only between desperate thrusts
of a black dog
mounting my leg
under the table

his hair hot to the touch
even through the harelip of dusk

the people i’ve loved are all under there
stuck to my shins, begging for air

from a poem by eve anderson
Track Name: Days in Dreams
golden light is dead
days in dreams in books you haven’t read
been misled

under our nails
solid earth, dusty trails
and phoenix tails

you’re kneeling down
nose to the ground
i’m laughing mad in fits
we wore chapped lips
the pain made it hurt
but not for our calico shirts
Track Name: At Andrew's
slowly bodies moving are below
shutters closed to me make the floor
this is an event belongs to nothing
pledge our loyalty to queen gary king

paid an arm a leg for my dues
hand over fist for something new
going out pocket saving face
getting hot and bothered just in case

having to reach around
trip on the wedding gown
heads rolling on the floor
please use the other door

the likeness of your face you gave away
the seams you tore apart at the start of the collar
didn’t mean to startle you i did
not concern myself i went and hid
Track Name: Harelip of Dawn
the journal of albion moonlight
Track Name: Blood & Red Lipstick
look under my wrist
open wound you kissed
blood and red lipstick
song already makin me sick

open heart surgery
guts spill out at your feet

you are the you in this song
every word is wrong

brand new pair of eyes
consolation prize

do you mind being in
all of my greatest hits?
Track Name: Inch of Me
you don’t wanna be within an inch of me
i don’t wanna be within an inch of me

life starts out as a comedy
then it finds a way to end as tragedy
Track Name: Retrospectfully
i don't have problems in my head
i spread them out clean between us instead

coat the sides morning rise
big surprise smilin lies feeling dies

afternoon all I had has left
back so soon, thought you were bereft
i guess you are, who am I to say
thoughtless words drift and float away

think I can just use this all for later
i ask you who's your favorite dictator

secrets hide, right outside, lousy break, give and take, vacillate

here i am empty husk of a man lying here to rot
i can't say what is or what is not can we talk again abou that

thank you for the eggplant grandma, it was delicious, we love you <3