Dead Broke For Life

by Spit

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Hayden Karnitz
Hayden Karnitz thumbnail
Hayden Karnitz walked around chicago listening to this album on a warm summer day before stopping at Wendy's (ad). when i finished my triple baconator, which was delicious & totally didn't give me heartburn, i resumed listening to said album. Favorite track: Air Hockey.
Roni Vainer
Roni Vainer thumbnail
Roni Vainer i think that ”the moon" is the greatest song that i missed in 2015. Favorite track: The Moon.
Arash Diba
Arash Diba thumbnail
Arash Diba Saw these guys live and they DO NOT disappoint. It's hard to pick a favorite song on this album. Highly recommend. Favorite track: Innocent.
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recorded, engineered and mixed by Dan and James at the Sex Dungeon
mastered by Will at Dead Air Studios
photo by Morgan Z. Will, touched up by Nick Giberti

for mbp


released October 4, 2015



all rights reserved


Spit New York

record release shows below!

6/15 at Sunnyvale (brooklyn) w/ Dead Soft, BEARS, and Phyllis Ophelia

6/16 at Safety Meeting (philly) w/ Big Ups, NYXY NYX, and YCIB
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Track Name: The Moon
Here I am in the room on the floor with the moon
I put my ear to her heart, listen close and then she starts:

"There's nothing more for you John you must believe it's all gone
you can't do what you want unless you haven't woken up."

I tell her, "yea, i'm still asleep, I'm in the middle of a dream
never mind enough of this, I'll wake up and call it Spit."

I want to put a knife inside all the dreams in my eyes
but one last look at the moon then she says, "I love you."
Track Name: Numb Skull
took a walk feeling better these freaks can't stand the weather
when they're standing up atop a hill
and their heads ingest another pill

take two twice a day get used to skin decay
and wear your smile like a crown
feel the shame beating down
and wake up and stay up

write me bad checks
give me one sec

champagne halo flying over
heads will roll down without a sound

hold me down get my back leave before pitch black
and go away
Track Name: Innocent
you had to run away
i had a feeling you lacked the strength to stay
cut the rope in half jump in the boat
paddle out in to the never known

you saw militaries around
and the shadows of their guns
that can't wait to kill
innocent people

tell me bout the time you escaped
once you had a murder to your name
you weren't cut out for getaways
but that's all that's left for you these days

harkenin back to the time we had turned our backs
and we whispered our plans in the ear of the world
Track Name: Air Hockey
wouldn't you know that i've been training
for the day that we start playin
and float above the ice like the lights

clear away my blinding hair
lift my legs above the air
hold my hands and make this fucker fly

so much blood upon the ice
punched the ref then punched him twice
clocked em right between the eyes
now i'm banned for life
Track Name: Nijinsky of Dreams
i can kneel down beside of a creek and lift up the moon
i can kneel down beside a deathbed
by and by maybe i can tell you what it feels like
i might as well get use to feeling the blues

dreaming was like the talcum dust covering the casket i grew flowers in
my dream bullets richochet and if i wait forever one might hit me by chance
Track Name: Burn the Town
i am rubber you are glue
i am copper and so are you

i feel you man let's sit down
take my hand let's burn the town, yeah

why don't you set down your hands
entwine them in your lap
and then i'll see if you deserve handcuffs

you're doing better than the rest
with this thing we call a test
and if you ever want to leave, you'll get your chance
Track Name: Dead Broke for Life
I believe in everything cause there's nothing to believe
he looks at the moon and sees a horse's wing

and auntie wants her cig back
and her face upon a postage stamp
to be mailed along to a distant land

a cozy bed of grass and dirt a hideaway beneath the earth
tell me how it feels to have a sense of worth

and ask me how i'm doing
and have i found what suits me
without losing it completely

show me how to count to ten and then believe me that i can
so you dare me to hold my breath and wait till i reach ten
i only had the nerve to lie but i can't count that high
so know it's not pretend when i pretend to die

if you wanna know why i couldn't go
ask another man who understands

everything is new i'm on mah knees
i wanna learn about the words and bees

measure my heart in bpm
cash it at the bank and make it bend

if you wanna care i'll be there
i guess you don't and i'm dead broke for life

I'm dead for life
Track Name: Refill Me
caught with a sharpie in the bathroom stall
no one was looking but myself
i wrote your name and your bookmarked dates
then i went back to fix the mistake

let's commemorate the missing dogs
let's hope they're safe and nothing's wrong
i can no longer take your stupid face
what you make is what i waste

i can't be the one to give you a second chance
but what i'll do is give you my helping hands
refill me, pick me up at the pharmacy
break the seal, smear me on your body
Track Name: Minister in Leather
well i'm lookin for the man with bounty of his head
i hope we can still be friends even when he's dead

the heart don't see what the eyes can't put together
he's gone into town to see the minister in leather
Track Name: Posthumous Me
please don't run away, the police have many guns
this town's in need of more than a couple thugs
and I'm laughing softly wishing I could go
my lungs are coughing hoping that you know

and I know no things that you haven't wept
away from the foyer that should be swept

crows are barking on the wire emanate the light
rode a hearse without a tire through the night

it's gonna hurt when you freeze alone inside the dessert
emotionally detached from your shirt wasting away on a hill of dirt

i have two lives
one's asleep, one's inside
what i love, is what's above/below
Track Name: Today
today i did not go outside the furthest i got was the door
then i remembered what i did - i had locked my own door